MoniLen Financial Services Ltd.

Friendly people. Serious money.

You deserve a range of financing possibilities. We’re here to help put them within reach. Our unique products are for customers who need immediate cash, but we’ve also set our sights on a broader vision: becoming your personal lender for a variety of financial needs.

Our line of products puts the emphasis on flexibility and choice, so you can continue to choose how much you want to borrow and for how long. We value our customers and we show it by rewarding loyalty and offering ways to build credit through on-time payments of certain products and responsible borrowing.

We are the people you can trust and we are more serious than ever about providing products and services that can help you build a better financial future.cropped-header-image.jpg


Up to J$100,000.00 with low interest rates and payment plans up to 6 months. The loan is designed for working individuals from our approved list of companies.


Up to J$100,000.00 with low interest rates and payment plans up to 6 months. The loan must be processed through payroll deduction according to your pay cycle.

Moni-Sign’N Go

For our customers with existing loans. Loans from minimum J$10,000.00 to maximum J$50,000.00 for loan duration of one month.


Up to J$100,000 with low interest rates and up to 6 months to repay. Designed for employees of Government institutions. Individuals must be employed for a minimum of one (1) year to qualify for this loan.